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Google Maps Plus Codes Now Searchable, Making Hard-To-Find Places Easier To Locate

Google's Open Location Codes can now be searched on both Google and Google Maps. 

In April, Google Maps released Plus Codes — or Open Location Codes (OLC) — to identify hard-to-find locations across the globe.

Starting today, Plus Codes can now be searched both on Google Maps and Google so that users can find places that are difficult to locate due to poor data...



Yahoo, Bing gives you 'right to be forgotten'

Bing and Yahoo has now joined Google in its willingness to scrub search results following the "right to be forgotten" ruling last May.

Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has rolled out its removal request function last July which allows European nationals to submit "right to be forgotten" requests but has only started the actual removals.

A spokesperson from Microsoft said,...